Monday, February 2, 2009

Gay and Prime Minister

Iceland has a gay Prime Minister, whoop dee doo! It's all over the news. "The first world leader who is gay!" And everyone cheers.

The lovely Johanna SigurdardottirI hate to break all your bubbles, but nothing about any of those statements is true. Johanna Sigurdardottir is not the first gay world leader. There are enough leaders who we suspect were gay in the last two centuries that odds are one of them was actually homosexual. Buzzkill on that one.

Next what is implied is that she has been elected to this position as a "gay" candidate. Far from the truth. First off she wasn't elected Prime Minister, the old one stepped down and she was next in line, but she was a gay candidate right?

Wrong, she originally ran in 1978 with her husband (├×orvaldur Steinar J├│hannesson) at her side. She then did a great job as a politician for over 20 years before she married a woman in 2002. If she had started her career in 2002 as a "gay" candidate she would hever have been elected to the position, but a liberal country of 320,000 people is willing to forgive a lifestyle choice of a good and popular politician.

So this first gay leader is actually the most recent politician to be promoted by someone else's incompetence. Not something that screams wow.

Good on Iceland though for not kicking her out in 2002.

Be informed.


  1. I think I've read this before . . . but didn't have the right access to leave a comment. I like your writing, Evan. I've always thought your writing is well thought out and well written. It states the obvious, or maybe I just agree! I'm curious how long it takes you write this stuff. Do you just spew it out easily or does it take some time? I like to write, but it takes me a long time to find the words I'm looking for and I have to proofread too many times and then I still miss my mistakes!

    Anyway, you're a good writer.

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