Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review of LDS Conference 2009

It is a delight as always to hear from the leadership of the Church and this conference is no different. In response to my previous post I'm going to cover some of the highlights of the conference.

We went to the local Stake Building (where we also attend church on Sundays) to watch the morning sessions on Saturday and Sunday. I went alone to the Priesthood session Saturday evening and out for wings afterward with a few church buddies. Mmm...wings. The afternoon sessions we watched at home because we can only handle keeping the kids reverent for 2 hours at a time.

LDS Conference April 2009The topics were tied to the issues of the today:

  • Pornography = Bad
  • Times are hard. Prepare for the long haul.
  • Be good.
  • Look for the good in the world.

Only one of the talks really stuck out for me, but for very obscure reasons. I approach my religion very logically and every once in a while I come across a loose end in my head that needs tying up. The talk given by Elder Scott cleared up one for me on the salvation of little children. It wasn't even the point of his talk, but one of the things he said just stuck out and it all cleared up for me.

If you are interested in seeing conference or just one of the talks you can watch Conference Online. For my crowd I suggest the talks of Dieter F. Uchdorf and Jeffrey R. Holland. They tend to appeal to the academic.

Be receptive.